Kerry-Ann Winmar is a Whadjuk and Ballardong traditional Owner and Elder with strong family connections across the Perth Metropolitan and the Southwest of Western Australia. She has extensive knowledge to share about Nyungar language, heritage, and Culture which was handed down from her parents.
Running Nyungar Tours involves storytelling, hands-on activities and discussion sessions to ensure that visitors from all parts of the world walk away with a deeper understanding of Aboriginal Culture, traditions and practices.

Kerry-Ann is a strong advocate for individuals who find it difficult to have a voice and continues to empower women through her Yorgars-only workshops and tours. She believes that creating and maintaining strong relationships with community and family members is key to Cultural education and preservation and has goals to continue growing her business and employ additional family members in future.

Kerry-Ann continues to be an inspirational leader for her community despite setbacks and aspires to connect Nyungar Tours further into the tourism industry here in Perth, Western Australia. By bringing the tour and workshop experiences to visitors of all nationalities, Nyungar Tours seeks to provide entertainment, enrichment, and knowledge about Culture to ultimately preserve traditions and awareness towards Indigenous Culture.